Passion P Classic Collection

Passion P Classic collection is elegance through diamonds.

The classic collection embodies the symbol of eternal femininity, expressed by the beauty and clarity of diamonds.

The classic collection is elegance and uniqueness.

There are jewels that never go out of style and that every woman should have in her jewelry box.
Classic collection

It is the collection that highlights the perfection of diamonds in a very special way. 

Classic Jewels are jewelry the accompanies women throughout their lives and at the same time remains timeless.

The Classic collection expresses the diaphanous beauty, reminds that in every woman there is a goddess, a strong, sensitive goddness who loves beauty. 

Below is our guide to the 10 pieces of classic, timeless jewelry that will never lead:

  1. Eterné Ring

classic gold ring
The classic engagement ring also known by the name of Eternity.
The eterné ring is one of the best known and most popular in the world together with the trilogy ring and the solitaire that symbolizes eternal LOVE.

  1. Tennis Bracelets

classic gold bracelet

The name of this jewel has a curious history: tennis player Chris Evert used to wear one during her matches, but in 1987 at the US Open, during an important match, the closure of the bracelet (at the time known as "eternity bracelet") broke and the diamonds scattered across the playing field. The champion stopped the game until all the pieces were found, which fortunately happened. Following this "accident" the bracelet was renamed "tennis", becoming one of the most loved jewels ever.

Today the novelty is the bracelet with the elastic, soft and at the same time more practical.

  1. Classic Earringg


Classic earrings stand out with their elegant, fine style.There are earrings adorned with some beautiful diamonds. They are earrings adapted to all outfits

  1. Passion P Classic Set

The Passion P Classic jewelry set is a set that includes carefully chosen diamonds, the purest and brightest diamonds to highlight beauty and sensitivity.

These jewels are distinguished by their way of transposing the elegance and the goddess that is in every woman.

  1. Double ring

Classic double gold ring

Double  white or rose gold ring can be seen as a double ring or as a set of six rings linked together.

The double ring is a symbol of connection and perfection.The two rings are linked, but at the same time they are separate, it is a paradox.

Each ring has three rings embellished with diamonds. It is trinity symbol, it is the symbol of rebirth, of multiple experiences we have during life.